Convert your Ph.D and Project innovations into Intellectual Property.


Protect your Inventions and Brands and ensure competition free Business.


New Entrepreneur? Unleash the benefits offered by Government.


Convert your ideas into Prototype model and Patent protection.

Welcome to Invenire !

Invenire is an emerging Intellectual property firm established in the year 2014. We are specialized in Intellectual property such as Patent, Trademark, Industrial design and copy right registration at National and International level.

Why Invenire is best mentor for your Intellectual Property Protection?

Look in here...

Comfort : Complete support for your entire Intellectual Property

Idea Blink : Ensuring care from idea to product development

Big Show: Promoting your Patents internationally and establishing Exclusive Market Rights

Money Tree : Unlimited support for Angel funding and marketing support for your patented inventions.

Quarantine : Indian and International IPR protection especially for Patents and Trademarks.

Success: Mentoring to develop proof of concept and prototype development and lead to success


The power to withstand your foundation in education, we counsel you through

  • Guest lectures, workshops - to enlighten your students.
  • IPR Cell - to protect and enhance your IPR which is the shield that you need for your institutions and to stand high with standards.
  • Industry and Institution Bridging – Tie up the Institution with Industries to bridge the needs and resources.
  • Mentoring – Guiding students and developing them to match with Industrial IPR needs.


Converting your Intellectual Property as Ignition for your industry.

  • Patents – Supporting Indian and International patent protection
  • Trademark – Branding your products without infringing others is ensured service from us.
  • Industrial design – Converting your product as your Industrial IP asset and protecting it from duplication.
  • Free from legal Issues – Our search team supports you to run your Business without infringing others


Share your dream idea. We develop it as product with ensured patent protection.

  • Proof of Inventorship
  • Protects your idea, product, process and innovations
  • Creating value internationally
  • Prevents you from competition
  • Technology transfer opportunities
  • Value addition during interviews
  • Tool for your Entrepreneurship

Are you bringing up a company all by yourself?

We are here to standby you....

Government provides complete support. We take an extra step for you avail the benefits.

  • 80 % rebate in patent costs.
  • 90 % fee reduction of natural persons.
  • Faster patent registration and protection for Intellectual Property rights.
  • IP facilitators to provide legal support and assist in filing of patent application.
  • IP facilitators to provide legal support and assist in Trademark Registration.